Ben Loughrill - Award Winning Wood Sculptor
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People often ask where I get my wood from?
In the early years I used to collect odd bits of wood from tree surgeons who I knew. As time went on and people got to know about me and what I was up to they would say they had a tree that has fallen or is soon to be felled and if I wanted the wood they would be happy to let me take away for free or for a carving made from there tree.

Eventually I needed more wood on a regular basis I started to buy wood off fire wood suppliers and the occasional sawmill, fire wood suppliers being the best people as they had wood in all different shapes and sizes which was handy as I often had a sculpture in mind and to find the wood that was suited to that sculpture was very helpful indeed.

All these years on have made many contacts in the wood world, so it is relatively easy to buy wood as and when I need it.

I use seasoned wood (mostly oak) for creating sculptures the wood I use will have been seasoning for a minimum of two years before being considered to make into a carving.
The reason for this is, if you use green wood i.e. freshly cut, it will split, seasoning wood lowers the chances of splitting, however as wood is an organic material its impossible to say whether splits will occur. The regular use of Danish oil or exterior varnish on sculptures will help to stop splits as it allows the wood to dry out far slower. The wood I use for sculptures is often the wood which has knots or bends, which would normally be used for fire wood.

In the autumn months I spend time gathering seeds from trees, planting them in pots then when they are of age they get replanted, just a little way of putting something back.